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Art supplies do not come cheap! Help support my hobby by buying one of my prints! If there is a piece of art on my profile that you would like to see made as a print, please let me know so I can make it available!

Newest Deviations

I don't like simply sticking to a single art style; rather, I like to explore different kinds of art from time to time.

In my gallery you will find a wide variety of art, from traditional art, to fan art, to fractal art, to artisan crafts. Feel free to explore one section of my gallery, or all deviations in my gallery.

Random Favourites

Just as my art contains a variety of things, the same can be said of my favorites. I like many of the deviations that dA artists have to offer. Feel free to take a look at my favorite images (and perhaps suggest some faves, too! :).




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Interested in giving points for a commission work instead? Leave a message on my page, and we can talk it over. Check my FAQ below for more info.

Want llamas, watches, or faves? I give llamas, watches, or faves out to people who donate! And if I really like you and your stuff, I'll do all three! :D

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

All About Me
:bulletblue:Current Occupation: R&D Chemist and TPM, Project Assistant
:bulletblue:Background Education :
- Chemistry (w/ concentration in Information Technology)
- Chemical Engineering
:bulletblue:Join Date: December 2006
:bulletblue:Gender: Female
:bulletblue:Ethnicity Filipino

:bulletblue: Hello, my name is FinalVirucide. I am largely a self-taught artist (as I have only taken one single semester class of Studio Art in my entire life!), often relying on tutorials and observation in order to learn the same skills that artists and craftsmen employ in their work. My interests in Arts and Crafts is largely that of a hobby - much of my background is in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Information Technology, and I currently hold a part-time job as a project assistant and a full time job as an R&D chemist.

I'm constantly experimenting all the time with what I do and what I create, so don't be surprised if I suddenly shift from one type of art/craft into another or if I shift mediums from time to time! Feel free to explore my galleries to see what I have done so far; I'm welcome to any good critique or feedback that can help me improve.


Commissions, Art Trades, and Requests

:bulletblue: Do you take commissions?
At this point in time, it is pending, I only accept commissions based on my schedule and/or subject matter. If you're interested in a commission, please mention a quote price in dA points and suggested image - I'll take a look, think it over, and let you know if I am interested in the commission or not.

NOTE: I do not accept commissions for artisan craft work.
NOTE: I do not accept commissions that require a maturity filter.
NOTE: I do not mail original commission images, you only get a digital copy of said commission piece.

Price Reference: 80 dA = $1.00 US

:bulletblue: Do you take requests or art trades?
No, I'm sorry, but I do not take requests or do art trades. Please do not make an piece of art for me and then expect me to make something for you in return - that is rather pushy and rude.

:bulletblue: Can I use some of your work for my deviation/video/website/[insert alternative creative work here]?
If you're planning to share my work on a website or blog, you can share them very easily using the share options or HTML embed code (you can find them on the deviation sidebar on the right side of the webpage).

If you plan on using the work in another medium (like in a video, or modifying it for another artwork), you'll need to ask me first. I want to know how you plan on using the art work - I don't want to see my art end up on something that misrepresents me or my creative work or falsely endorses something.

Note that this doesn't apply to works where I applied a Creative Commons license on them, or in educational use where the Fair Use clause applies. Just follow rules where applicable.

:bulletblue: I'd like to know how you make some of your stuff. Can you make a tutorial?
I've already shared some templates and tutorials already, just take a gander through my gallery.

I'm currently not doing requests for tutorials since I'm so busy. But I learned a lot of my craft from other tutorials on dA and elsewhere. You might want to check out other tutorials first to see if a similar craft exists.

:bulletblue: I want to buy some of your plushies/fan art/jewelry/chibi charms/etc.! Do you have a place where I can buy your craft creations?
No, I do not have a place where I sell craft creations. I'm not in a position where I can sell anything.

:bulletblue: Do you sell prints?
Yes, but I only sell prints on dA because it is the only website where I don't have to fork over my SS number.

Not all my deviations are prints, but I will consider making some of my deviations as prints if there's enough support for them and if I still have the original file on my computer (some of my earlier fractal flame renders got wiped out by a virus infection *sadface*, so I only have the original rendered image for those which may or may not fit the print specs you are looking for). A lot of my work has custom watermarks on them, so if you see a watermarked image that you want to buy as a print, please leave me a message so I can make the print available. Otherwise, simply just press the "request as print" button.

dA Community:

:bulletblue: I send a request for one of your deviations to be submitted to a group/club. Why did you decline?
The core focus of your group/club is probably something I do not agree with (example: asking for my "Yu-Gi-Oh!" fanart to be submitted to a Revolutionshipping club when I'm a Vaseshipping fan). If you think otherwise, please send me a PM, and we can talk it over.

:bulletblue: What the story behind your name "FinalVirucide"?
It's a play on my name initials and my job as a chemist for a company that produces medical devices and products, including those for use in sterilization.

:bulletblue: I noticed that some of your art or links to your art refer to your old username "chaddarismyname". What the heck is with your old weird name?
It's a misspelling of my nickname, which is "Cheddar" (which I originally wanted, so it would look like "cheddarismyname")... Apparently, a misspelling can go a long way - "Chaddar" is apparently the name of a type of veil worn my some Muslim women. Prior to dA's introducing name changes, I was much too vain to just switch to another account back then (dA didn't have the ability to change usernames that time) and I think it's interesting to have an account named after a veil instead of a cheese for a while.


:bulletblue: I saw on a list by Maki-Tak that you're cheddargirl from Scratch. Is that true?
Yep, that's right, one and the same. Just don't go asking me about Scratch-related issues here, though, this isn't the place for it (and it will very likely go unnoticed and buried under all my other dA messages, too!). You might have noticed that fieryblackrose is another one of my accounts also; that being said, if you're looking for Scratch-related art from me, you'll want to visit my other account instead. ;D

:bulletblue: I noticed some of your Scratch animation projects are on dA. How did you get your Scratch projects on dA?
Actually, dA doesn't support .sb or sb2 (Scratch Project) files, but dA does support video files. I used a CamStudio setup to record my Scratch project and then uploaded the film video to dA. Not all of my animation Scratch projects are on dA, though (we all know how that dA's application of Fair Use is not as extensive as Scratch's because dA is a commercial site).

(Want to know more about submitting film on dA? See FAQ #831: Why can't just anyone submit film?)

:bulletblue: Are there other ways to get a Scratch project uploaded to dA?
Yes! If you have Scratch 1.4 and the BYOB mod of Scratch 1.4, you can package a 1.4 project (aka, an .sb file) as an executable and share the file as a premium download/content

Note: that means that people who want to play and download your project will need to pay to get the download off of dA. Since money/dA points is involved, I suggest highly that you don't upload the same project to Scratch in order to avoid copyright limbo. See next question for more information

:bulletblue: I shared my art on both Scratch and dA. Doesn't that mean my art is copyrighted on Scratch and cannot be remixed?
No. When you upload something to Scratch, it is understood that you share it under a CC license and give permission for users to use the image shared on Scratch. If you want to be clear on which license is the correct one, use one website only.



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